We design and create interactive games for small and large touchscreens. These games are great for children to play by themselves or with friends and family.

Recently we created a 7-meter tall interactive waterfall screen for the Children’s hospital in Birmingham. You can read more about this exciting project here or watch the video.

Motion Tracking Games

Motion tracking games are touchless or hands-free games and are great in areas where infection control is of particular importance.

How it Works

Motion tracking games are sensor-based games. This means that instead of having a mouse or touchscreen to control the game a sensor tracks your body movement.

The sensor is connected to a computer and a screen that runs and displays the game. When you stand in front of the sensor it is able to recognise your body. Now when you move your body the the character on the screen mirrors your movement.

Play and Therapy

Sensor-based games and games to encourage gross–motor movement, are not only great for gameplay but can also help with physical therapy and recovery. Using motion tracking during recovery can give the child a sense of fun and enjoyment. This, in turn, will speed up the recovery process.

These games can be specifically designed to suit the needs of the children, location, or therapist and can be designed for single or multiple players and can be co-ordinated by play or physiotherapists.

Combining these games with character design can be a very effective way for all the games to really become part of the hospital and can give children a friend who they can play with and who can help throughout their recovery.

Hygiene is a priority in hospitals we make sure that all of our systems can be easily wiped down as part of normal cleaning operations.

Small and Large
Screen Games

We can install both large and small screens at different heights.

For our small screens we designed diagonal units containing three separate screens. This allows children of different heights, including children in wheelchairs, to play at any one time.

We have created games such as Memory, Spot the Differences, Whack(or Tap)-a-Mole and many more. Bespoke games can also include any character design or artwork of the hospital.

Interactive Games from £15,000 including installation

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