Film & Audio

Linear story telling is an excellent way to keep younger children entertained. Story creation is one of Jungle Interactive’s area of expertise and are an excellent way to keep children distracted and calm in waiting, operating and recovery areas.

We can create bespoke stories to tie into the hospital or even a specific area or medical procedure. Combing story writing with character design can be a powerful way to give a cohesive feel to the hospital and its entertainment and distraction tools.

Stories can either be turned into books that parents can read to children or children can read themselves or play specialists can read to a group of children. Or they can be turned into short videos or animations.

Audio & Sonic Soundscapes

Audio is a really powerful and cost effective tool for enhancing an experience as well as distracting and entertaining

Of course, stories can be turned into audiobooks but audio can also be standalone, think for example about bespoke music tracks or soundscapes, it can even be combined with mood lighting or artwork design. Audio and sound works especially well in areas where children need to be calm and distracted such as MRI rooms, X-ray areas or anaesthetic areas. As said before, if the area is suitable, sound can also be combined with visual projections on the walls, ceiling or floor. Together, sound and visual motifs can create a gentle and magical environment to help calm and distract child patients.

Besides being able to write and create bespoke stories we are also able use copyright free existing ones.

Soundscapes & Artwork

We have used sound to accompany a large-scale vinyl installation of a farmyard scene.

We created an enveloping surround sound experience by installing multiple speakers in the ceiling along the corridor. The multitrack playback system allows us to have full control over the speakers and the audio. This enables us to direct the sound exactly where we want it. For example, all speakers will play the ambient soundscape, but we are able to send certain sounds to specific speakers. As a result, the speaker closest to the illustration of the duck will not only play the ambient sound but also give a quacking sound. This creates a dynamic and interactive soundscape along the corridor. As the patient moves along the corridor they can predict the next farmyard animal from the sound they can hear. Or play a game to guess what sound the next animal will make and check if they were right when they get closer to it.

Videos to help explain medical procedures

When a child is about to go into hospital to undergo a medical procedure it is understandable if they feel nervous, anxious and a little unsure.  And that uncertainty can often be caused by a lack of knowledge as to what is going to happen to them. An explanation by a parent or doctor can go some way to help alleviate their worry, but a video can do so much more. 

Not only can it help visualise a step by step approach to the procedure, it can also show exactly where it will take place and who will be involved on the day. And if they can access this video before the event, from the comfort of their home, it will give them time to process what will happen and allow them to discuss and ask their parents and medical staff informed questions to reassure and put them at their ease.

And what’s more, we can make multiple versions of each video, in a cost-effective way, to match the different ages and cognitive abilities of the patients. For example, a version presented by puppets or animated characters using simpler language is more relevant and helpful to younger children and those with additional needs. Whereas a more straightforward documentary style with an age appropriate voice over narration is better suited to older children

Our job is to work with the hospital staff to create meaningful and supportive videos in a style and format that works for the staff, the children and their families, making each child’s experience in hospital as positive and enjoyable as possible.

Story creation and filming from £10,000
Audio from £8,000 including installation

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