Character Design by Jungle Interactive


Character design will give you complete freedom to use these characters wherever and whenever you want without any copyright restrictions. We can create unique characters for your exclusive use or adapt any existing characters you may have. When you combine character design with artwork design, games or videos you can also give your hospital, or an area of the hospital, a special feel which is unique to you.


We created a family of characters named The Hardleeys for Alder Hey Children’s hospital. The inspiration for this came from the history of the hospital itself and its location. Even the name Hardleey is an anagram of Alder Hey. We got local children involved with the design, look and feel of the characters via a series of workshops. This gives an even bigger connection between the hospital, the children and the characters.

The whole family of Hardleeys of Alder Hey
Isambard the Inventor - a Character created by Jungle Interactive


Florence - a Character created by Jungle Interactive


Albert - a Character created by Jungle Interactive


Lizzie - a Character created by Jungle Interactive


Rosie - a Character created by Jungle Interactive


Robert - a Character created by Jungle Interactive


Each of the Hardleey character have their own personalities and were created specifically to address different things. For example, there is Florence Hardleey, a young girl who is curious about everything but still has a lot to learn as well. She and her brother Albert represent the children of the hospital. Isambard Hardleey is an inventor. He likes to explain the different medical equipment and procedures to Florence and Albert (and therefore the child patients). Lizzie is the cook of the family. She can inform the children in hospital and at home of nutritious meals and dietary requirements. The Mayor likes to give speeches and therefore can give the children relevant information about the hospital.

Having your own set of characters gives you the flexibility to create additional characters when the need arises. The character set can grow and change with the hospital and its technologies. There are no limitations to what you can do.

Original character design – starts from £10,000 including design bible.

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