Augmented Reality

Augmented reality displays work really well in large spaces, but can fit into any space or area. With augmented reality you can create a world within a world. Through a high definition camera, the real physical world or space around you is captured which is then overlayed with moving virtual 3D animations and displayed on the screen. When you then look at yourself on the screen it appears as though the 3D animations or objects are actually right beside you.

The possibilities of what you can do with augmented reality are endless and only really limited by imagination and budget.

Walk in the Woods

One of our recent project was designed to tie in with a woodland walk theme. For this, we created 3D woodland animals. We created animated deer, rabbits, squirrels, foxes and other animals you would find in the forest. All the animals were given specific and unique movements that add fun and interest to the experience.

Augmented reality also gives opportunity for interaction and play. In our case, each of the animals would stand still or even lie down, giving the patients an opportunity to approach and virtually stroke them. Not only is this experience soothing, it’s a great way for children and their parents to pass the time.


We’ve had some great feedback from parents and hospital staff about the augmented reality display. One story that stood out was when the squirrels appear to disappear beneath chairs, children were on their hands and knees trying to find them!

Augmented Reality Display with Forest Animals
Augmented Reality Display in Waiting Area
Augmented Reality Display in Waiting Area
Augmented Reality Display with Forest Animals

From £25,000 including installation

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