Vinyl Artwork Design in teenage room in hospital

Artwork Design

Artwork design can create a cohesive look for the entire hospital. Artwork can be used throughout the hospital. It can be used in combination with character design to create videos and/or books. In addition it can be used for decorative purposes or to help make a space or piece of equipment less daunting and more child friendly.

Vinyl Design

Creating a bespoke design style for all vinyl decorations, stickers and signage helps create a unified aesthetic feel to any area of the hospital. We can help achieve a design and style that works for your hospital or work with any existing designs.

Vinyl can be installed on walls, floors and/or ceilings and can have different functions. It can act as a wayfinding tool, a method of imparting information or simply to help decorate and bring an area to life.

Vinyls and …

Having cohesive artwork design can add interest to walls that can otherwise appear plain and unfriendly. To add to the experience and help entertain and distract the patients, games like eye spy, counting games and even simple narratives can be added to the design. This gives clinical staff a focus to help alleviate any worry and concern.

Furthermore vinyl can also be combined with sound to support the designs. This and can really make the artwork come to life and can create a fully immersive experience. 

Important notices or permanent signs can also be incorporated into the design to add to the cohesive and child friendly look.

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