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We started working with the creator Stephanie at the idea stage. Her vision was an app to help medical student take better notes and ask better questions. In addition, the app needed to help them practice ordering tests and writing prescriptions. One thing Stephanie was clear on from the very beginning was that she wanted the look and feel of the app to be completely different to other medical apps or software.


On Call Learning App Store Preview

We started by creating a style guide and logo for the app. Whilst this was happening we talked to Stephanie about the layout and functionality of the app. When the style guide was locked we started to create the page design. We also continued to work on the on the layout and an app “skeleton” was built. This meant that whilst the design was not yet finished, Stephanie was able to test the functionality of the app and we could make alterations as we went.

App Design - On Call Learning App - Main Menu screenshot
App Design - On Call Learning App - Test Results page screenshot
App Design - On Call Learning App - Patient Record page screenshot
App Design - On Call Learning App - Progress page screenshot
Prescription screen of the On Call App

We built a website to accompany the app for users to sign up and get more information about the app as well as access to the online shop. The final app is linked to a “back end” database which gathers anonymised data from app users for future analysis.

The app design and build took just over a year and the final functionality and design really sets it apart from other medical apps out there.